Mary Marquardt Net Worth

Mary Marquardt is an American former chef. She is also well-known as a wife of Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford is a Bollywood star and has a net worth of $230 million. Mary Marquardt plays a main role in supporting Harrison Ford in up-coming films.

Early Life

Mary Marquardt was born in February 1945 in the United States. She started her early education in the United States and then went to Women’s Ripon College in Wisconsin during the 1960s. She met Harrison Ford in Ripon College. They both fell in love and then started a relationship that ran for some years.

When Mary Marquardt completed education, she selected the field of cooking. She is now a famous American chef in the United States. His passion changes into his career.

Mary Marquardt Husband Harrison Ford

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford decided to marry on 18 June 1964. She was just 20 years old when she married Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford is a famous American actor. Harrison Ford started his acting career from small roles in movie and television shows.

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford welcomed their first son Benjamin Ford in 1966. After 3 years, in 1969 they welcomed their second son Willard Ford. Harrison Ford started a role in American film “Graffiti” in 1973 and as we know “Graffiti” is a hit movie in Bollywood industry.

Mary Marquardt also works as a voice over artist at the radio station. She is really a hardworking lady. She also supports her husband in his successful career. She left the job because her husband Harrison Ford had signed a contract worth $150 per week with Columbia Pictures in California.

This contract gives Ford’s acting career a chance to become a star in Bollywood. In 1977, Harrison Ford’s acting career fame was at its peak in Bollywood when he acted the role of “Han Solo” in the record-breaking film Star Wars.

Mary Marquardt Divorce

Harrison Ford started dating his co-star “Carrie Fisher” and came into a relationship after sometime. Carrie Fisher is also an actor who plays the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars film. So, first their relationship is hidden but just after the release of Carrie Fisher book “The Princess Diarist” their relationship is publicly open.

Beside Harrison Ford’s acting career and their relationship with Carrie Fisher, he forgets to give time to his wife Mary Marquardt and their sons. So, Mary Marquardt was so angry at the behavior of Harrison Ford and decided to take divorce.

In 1979, he gives divorce to Mary Marquardt and then, Marquardt took a step away from the spotlight and maintained a low profile on social media. She wants to start his personal life with their sons away from the public eyes.

Harrison Ford married screenwriter Melissa Mathison in 1983. Ford and Mathison had 2 children, a son named Malcolm and a daughter named Georgia. After 17 years Ford give divorce to Mathison in 2001.

Mary Marquardt Sons

The couple welcomed their first Child Benjamin Ford in 1966 and just after 3 years Mary Marquardt gave birth to their second child Willard Ford in 1969. After the divorced from Harrison Ford, Mary Marquardt maintains the close relationship with her sons

Mary Marquardt’s elder son Benjamin Ford chose a career of chef as his mother did in her young age. Her second son Willard Ford selects his own path. He owns a boxing gym and Strong Sports Gym in Los Angeles and also introduced his Ludwig Clothing Company. He is also a co-owner of Ford & Ching.

Willard Ford is the father of two children named Guiliana and Eliel. Both Marquardt and his son Benjamin Ford worked together in a Harrison Ford restaurant in Culver City, California. Benjamin Ford shared a photo of his mother on his official Instagram page.

Benjamin Ford has 2 children named Ethan and Waylan, born from different marriages. Ethan his first child from his first wife Elizabeth Winkler and Waylan from his second wife Emily.

Mary Marquardt’s Net Worth

Mary Marquardt has a net worth of $5 million. As we know, her husband is a famous American actor in the Bollywood industry. Her husband’s net worth is $230 million. So, she lives a luxury lifestyle with her husband.  As after the divorce in the 1970s from Harrison Ford. Her net worth increases because of divorce settlement.


In conclusion, Marry Marquardt played an essential role in his husband’s acting career. She is also a mother of 2 children of Harrison Ford, famous American actor in the Bollywood industry. His career as a chef is also quite interesting. After the divorce from Harrison Ford she gives her sons a private life away from the spotlight.

Mary Marquardt’s net worth is just $5 million but her son’s net worth is a bit high because of his career success. She is 79 years old now as of May 2024. Just because of divorces she wants to step away from the spotlight and keep his life private.