Richard Rawlings

When talking about business executives, Richard Rawlings is not a rare name in the business world. The Fort Worth-born entrepreneur has made a name for himself, thanks to his dedication in various businesses. While he is famous as a Fast N’ Loud star, he owns and runs a few ventures which have made him one of the richest people in the world.

Richard had an interest in cars from a tender age, thanks to his father’s work in auto shows. By the time he was of the legal driving age, he had bought and sold several cars. Because of Richard’s love for cars, he bought his fist car at fourteen.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

As of 2024 Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Richard’s net worth is at $18 million. The famed personality came into the limelight when he appeared in Fast N’ Loud, but most of his net worth is attributed to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Richard has a garage, Gas Money Garage, located four miles away from his Texas home. He also owns a Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, and Gas Monkey Live, a live music venue. Among his latest business ventures is a Gas Monkey franchise that dals with energy drinks. Because of the many businesses Richard has operated, it is believed they are his main source of wealth.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Early Life

Richard was born in Forth Worth Texas, on March 30, 1969. While details regarding his siblings remains unknown, he had a close bond with his father growing up. His father was a car builder, and Richard grew passionate about it that he helped him build cars.

As a kid, he attended auto shows alongside his father. By fourteen, he had bought his first car, a 1974 Mercury Comet. When he turned sixteen, old enough to drive, he had bought several cars and sold them. He graduated in 1987 from Eastern Hills High School.


Although Richard is famous for opening his garage, he did odd jobs early in life. He worked as a law enforcement officer, paramedic, and fire fighter. Additionally, he owned and operated Lincoln Press, a printing and advertising company.

In 2002, Rawlings sold the printing company to start the garage. The auto shop has since grown to a global company famous for hot rods. In 2012, Richard started appearing in the reality show, Fast N’ Loud, alongside his company employees.

In the show, Richard has showcased the process he uses to acquire old cars and restore them. Moreover, he has continued to make progress as a television personality. In 2017, he started co-hosting Garage Rehab, a Discovery Channel show, focusing to help struggling auto shops find success.

Richard Rawlings Children

While Richard has found success in life, he is known to have married a few times. His first wife was Karen Grames whom he married in 1990. Unfortunately, Richard and Grames divorced the following year.

Suzanne Marie Mergele was Richard’s second wife, whom he married in 1999. The couple divorced in 2009 but remarried in 2015. In 2019, the couple announced they were separating and filing for divorce.

He proposed to girlfriend Katerina Deason in August 2019. Despite having a few marriages, there are no records of Richard’s children.

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