Riff Raff

Riff Raff is an American rapper who has been in the limelight due to his career. Despite his rapping abilities, the artist has been involved in a few controversies which have made him more famous, and loose some important opportunities.

Riff Raff’s Net Worth

The rapper has a net worth of $5 million, mostly contributed by his passion for rapping. While the rapper has grown popular over the years, he faced early struggles which have shaped his career.

He wanted to be famous so bad that he auditioned for various television roles but did not land any. But, a few years later in 2015, he became famous in YouTube and other social media platforms. Since then, he has collaborated with established artists, boosting his visibility as a versatile rapper.

Most of Riff Raff’s net worth is as a result of many years in rapping and selling various records.

Riff Raff’s Net Worth

Riff Raff’s Early Life

Horst Christian Simco was born on January 29, 1982. He is famous as Riff Raff, his rapping name.

Raff grew up in a family of four siblings, and was the second born. His mother worked as a maid, while his father did various odd jobs after he served in Vietnam war. As a child, Riff Raff was obsessed with basketball. As a result, he spent a lot of time playing basketball in the neighborhood.

Riff Raff attended Langham Creek High School. He joined the school team and was the shooting guard of the basketball team, until he dropped out in his senior year.

Raff’s parents divorced around the same time, forcing him and his siblings to move between Duluth and Houston where the parents were staying. After some years, Raff joined a community college and majored in liberal arts.

But still, he felt out of place and opted to drop out, once again. He moved to Houston and began painting cars, as he built his new identity. Eventually, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue rapping professionally.

Riff Raff’s Career

The rapper began his music career in 2005. Around this time, he started making homemade CDs of his rapping with other artists’ beats and started distributing them to people. As social media was becoming a hit in 2008, Raff took advantage of it and began releasing free-style raps, clips and other videos.

While working on getting famous he tried many times to get a spot in television, but failed. He spent part of his time selling CDs but still continued to look for an opportunity to appear on TV. He made it to the second season of From Gs to Gents in MTV, but was soon eliminated in the second episode.

The rapper began growing famous when he landed a collaboration with Simon Rex and Andy Milonakis. The trio formed a rap group, and they released songs, making Riff Raff’s name more famous.

Away from rapping, Riff raff has tried his hand in acting. He made a guest appearance on Double Cup and competed for “The Challenge” which premiered on 2017.

Moreover, he has collaborated with a few companies including Reef Dispensaries in developing and endorsing new marijuana strains.

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